President Amy Benton - Sheffield Award
Best Public Image, Best Foundation Giving, Best Foundation Per Capita Giving, Best Community Service, Best International Service, Best Overall Service, Best Membership Growth, Governor's Citation
Upcoming Speakers
Sheriff Barry Babb
Apr 25, 2024 12:00 PM
Fayette Sheriff Department
Fayette Sheriff Department
April 13, 2024#WellsringLiving #WellspringTreasures #EndHT #HumanTraffickingAwareness #PTCRotary #SavingMothersandChildren #RotaryInternational #20years
What started as the vision of one extraordinary woman - Mary Frances Bowley - has now grown into this amazing organization of Wellspring Living! Peachtree City and our community has played a big role in bringing awarness to human trafficking and sexual exploitation of women and children by donating, volunteering and supporting our Wellspring Treasures store for 20 years now! We were so happy to be able to support this celebration yesterday as we heard from Mary Frances, the new CEO Christian Murphy and 3 of the awesome ladies that helped start the store 20 years ago!
Thanks to member Amy Matusek for continuing to be our liaison and educator on all things around human trafficking and for being such a big supporter of this organization! And Thanks to Wellspring Treasures for allowing us to continue to support your mission through service!
Pictured: Clockwise - recognition of 3 (of 5) volunteers who have been associated with Wellspring Treasures since its opening; CEO Christian Murphy and Rotary President Amy Benton; PTC Rotary Secretary Mandy Timmons, President Amy Benton, Founder Mary Frances Bowley, PTC Rotary End HT Chair Amy Matusek; New CEO Christian Murphy and Founder Mary Frances Bowley
April 11, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Jennifer!  Jennifer lives in Fayetteville with her husband, Jason.  She has a background of serving others - whether through her time as President of the Business Women of Fayette & Coweta, through her health coaching for healthy lifestyles or her current profession as a Senior Benefits Advisor for Fuller Insurance - her heart for service makes Rotary a perfect fit!  Jennifer is a graduate of UGA with a degree in Psychology and enjoys gardening, travelling, reading, doing home improvements and of course, cheering on the Georgia Bulldogs!  Jennifer wanted to join Rotary to engage more with our local community and to see tangible results with her time given to service!  We are so excited to have you as the "newest Rotarian in the world" (and especially in PTC)!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna, Jason (husband), New Member Jennifer and President Amy
April 10, 2024#clotheslesstraveled #volunteer #ServiceAboveSelf #DoingGoodInTheWorld #PeopleOfAction #ptcrotary #rotaryinternational #rotary6900
What a great time tonight doing a service project with our non-profit member - @clotheslesstraveledinc! We sorted clothing, jewelry, and household goods to help the retail store get everything in order! With thanks to their generous donors, volunteers and SHOPPERS - they have been able to give more than $8M to local charities since opening! We are so thankful to be a small part of that volunteer network to help our community!
April 4, 2024 #HonoraryMembers #NewRotarians #HereWeGrowAgain #PTCRotary #RotaryInternational #peachtreecity #DoingGoodInTheWorld #ServiceAboveSelf
What an absolute HONOR for us to induct these three outstanding individuals as Honorary Members of the Rotary Club of Peachtree City today! As the oldest and largest service organization in Fayette County, our ideals of service and community are directly aligned with the TRUE ROTARIAN HEARTS of each of these new members. Their professions and personal lives are committed to community and serving those around them. They all push daily to make our community the safest and best place to live for all of us!
We look forward to having each of these members become active participants in our many service projects, social activities and meetings! Thanks to each of these members for their servant's hearts and their commitment to our community!
Pictured (L-R):  Mayor Kim Learnard, Police Chief Janet Moon, Fire Chief Clint Murphy, President Amy Benton
March 24, 2024 - WHAT A YEAR (SO FAR)!!!
Thanks to DG Andre and D6900 for recognizing the leadership of President Amy and all of the amazing things our club has accomplished this year in our local community and around the world!  
CLUB OF THE YEAR (the most coveted award in District), Sheffield Award for President Amy (recognizing her for the amazing leadership she showed over the last year for our club), Best Community Service, Best International Service, Best Overall Service, Best Public Image, Best Membership Growth, Governors Citation, Best Foundation Giving, Best Foundation Giving per Capita
32 New Members (and still growing)!
$120K+ for Rotary Foundation (and continuing)!
2-3 Service Projects Per Month (and still ongoing)!
2-3 Social Events per Month (and some of our biggest ones still to come)1
Thanks to EVERY club member for their contributions this year!  
March 23, 2024 - Thanks to some of our own 'superheroes' for holding down the fort while others were away at District Conference!  Service opportunities for our community never end and we are luck to have so many members to make things happen!
Pictured (L-R):  Hernan Dominquez, Fergus Esezobor, JD Holmes
March 13, 2024 - Warrior Yoga with Camp Southern Ground!
What a great way to support and give back to our veteran community!  Thanks to Rotarians Anna, Mike, Gail and Joshua for joining the Yoga session at Camp Southern Ground.
March 16, 2024 - Major Donor Dinner
What an amazing evening of great food, fellowship and fun celebrating our Major Donors! 5 new ones this year along with a new Level 2 as well!  Thanks to Mary Propst Chapman for being such a gracious host!  We had corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and Irish soda bread along with St Pats cookies, lots of wine and of course Irish coffee to finish off the evening!
March 11, 2024 - What an IMPACT!
We had so much fun joining with our Rotary Community Corps for a service project at Midwest Food Bank Georgia to pack coffee! These young adults had the best time serving our community and really appreciated our special guest - DGE Gordon Owens!
Bagged ground coffee: 12,000 assuming a family of 4 shares a bag
Boxed K-cups coffee: 16,200 assuming a family of 4 shares a box
March 7, 2024 - #IWD2024 #InspireInclusion #11AliveNews #ServiceAboveSelf #PeopleofAction #rotaryinternational
Thanks again to 11Alive News Anchor Cheryl Preheim for visiting us! We appreciate the shout-out this morning and your willingness to share your story with us yesterday! Thanks for everything you do for our local Fayette Community and the greater Atlanta area with your in-depth and empathetic story-telling. We can't wait to watch you in Paris later this year to see what other things are 'harder than you think' with our Olympic athletes!
March 7, 2024 - Congratulations to Russ Heil (PHF+3) and Angelique Soulakos (PHF) for their recognition today!  Your continued commitment to the Rotary Foundation through giving is what allows us to continue #DoingGoodInTheWorld!
Pictured (L-R):  Russ Heil (PHF+3), Angelique Soulakos (PHF), President Amy, Foundation Chair Will
March 7, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Halie!  We are excited to have you!  Halie has recently moved to Fayetteville and wants to get even more involved in our local community.  She has a BA in Criminology and is scheduled to graduate this May with a Masters in Public Administration.  Halie works with the Flint River Counsel - Boy Scouts as a District Executive, so she truly has a heart for SERVICE!  Halie also is an animal rescue volunteer and enjoys college football and premier league soccer.  Welcome again, Halie!
Pictured (L-R):  Cheryl Preheim (11Alive News), Membership Chair Anna Finn, New Member Halie and President Amy Benton
March 2, 2024 - Thanks to Jim Mothorpe, Hernan Dominguez and Fernando Duenas for volunteering with the Trails for Troops through Southern Conservation Trust this weekend!  You did a great job representing our club at the event!
March 2, 2024 - Thanks to these dedicated PTC Rotarians for volunteering on a wet and dreary Saturday morning for the Burch Bear Tracks 5K / PTC Rotary Grand Prix Series!
Pictured (L-R): Jim Mothorpe, Jessica Walker, Tim Milis, Hernan Dominguez, Carlos Angulo, Fernando Duenas and George Martin
February 28, 2024 - 50 YEARS!  What an amazing accomplishment, Gordon Fleming!  Gordon is our longest term active member.  As Gordon tells us, things sure have changed in 50 years - but the FUN, FRIENDSHIPS, and SERVICE still remain the same!  Thank you for remaining such an active member of our club for these 50 years!    
February 22, 2024 - What a reason to celebrate today!  36 years ago on this day, the Rotary Club of Peachtree City welcomed our first female member - Mrs. Frances Meaders!  What a great decision as Mrs. Frances went on to be our first female president and won Club of the Year!  We were so excited to celebrate you, Mrs. Frances!  Thanks for everything you have done for Rotary and our club over the last 36 years!  We Love You!
Pictured:  President Amy and Past President Frances
February 22, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Glenn Rebman!  Glenn resides in Peachtree City with his wife, Mary Alice.  He has 2 grown children, Jared & Alexandra.  Glenn graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelor's degree and University of North Carolina with an MBA.   As a retired IT executive from TE Connectivity, Glenn now enjoys golfing, boating, and financial literacy.  Glenn 'found' us by participating in our recent Half Marathon.  We are excited to have you, Glenn!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna, Sponsor George Martin, New Member Glenn, President Amy
February 22, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Jill Price!  Jill resides in Peachtree City with her husband Richard.  She is owner of Priced Right Cleaning and also is a property manager.  Jill graduated from California Coast University with a degree in business.  She enjoys painting, gardening and volunteering.  Through Jill's business, she also offers free cleaning for women going through cancer treatments (already showing her heart for service).  We are so excited to have you in our membership, Jill!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna, Sponsor Ellie White-Stevens, New Member Jill, President Amy
February 22, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Jane Nyengiwari!  We are excited to have you join us!  Jane is originally from Nigeria and now resides in Fairburn with her husband, Diguens.  She works with Zion Keepers as a case manager and enjoys traveling, acting and dancing.  Jane is a graduate of the University of Port Harcourt where she was a member of the Rotaract Club previously.  Jane wants to serve her community and grow and develop personally.
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna, Sponsor Kathy Workman, New Member Jane and President Amy
February 22, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Bryan Melton!  Bryan is the general manager / proprietor at Ted's Montana Grill in Peachtree City.  He chose to become a corporate member of our club to enable himself and his staff to get more involved in our community!  Bryan and his wife, Lita, live in Sharpsburg.  He is a graduate of Valdosta State University and enjoys college football.  We are so excited to have you (and your staff) as part of our club, Bryan, and look forward to hosting some Rotary on Tap and Dine Around events with you soon!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna, New Member Bryan, Sponsor Mandy Timmons and President Amy
February 21, 2024 - 
Did You Know?!?
Clothes Less Traveled in PTC has given away $8 million to over 200 non profits in Coweta and Fayette since their opening in 1997! Their values are focused on #community #leadership #teamwork, so what better opportunity for us as Rotarians?  We are so thankful for this organization in our community and were happy to support them tonight by providing support of over 40 hours of service!  Thanks to Kimber Huff (PTC Rotarian) and her staff for inviting us to share in this blessing that is @clotheslesstraveledinc!
February 15, 2024 - Welcome to the Rotary Club of Peachtree City, Staci Watson!  Staci and her husband, Tim, reside in Fayetteville.  Staci is a retired school teacher with a degree from UNC Chapel Hill.  She has always served her community and others through her education background and is looking forward to getting more involved in the community through Rotary now!  We are excited to have you as our newest member, Staci!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna, New Member Staci and Sponsor/President Amy
February 15, 2024 - The gift that truly keeps on giving!  Thanks for your commitment to Rotary through your future giving of $10,000+ to become a Bequest Society member!  Your commitment to Rotary and the continued support through this future gift to the Endowment Fund will allow Rotary to continue your legacy of service for years to come! 
Pictured (L-R):  Bequest Society Member Level 1 Patti Kadkhodaian, President Amy and Bequest Society Member Level 1 Mandy Timmons
February 15, 2024 - Welcome to the Rotary Club of Peachtree City, Meredith Wall!  Meredith lives in Fayetteville with her husband, Donny Wall.  They have raised 2 sons, Trey & Davis in the Starrs Mill School District and Meredith is excited to get more engaged in the community now as an empty nester.  Meredith graduated from Georgia Southwestern State University with a degree in History and Political Science and has a background in event planning (we already have her signed up on several committees!).  We are excited to have you join us, Meredith!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna, New Member Meredith and Sponsor/President Amy
February 15, 2024 - Welcome to the Rotary Club of Peachtree City, Carlos Angulo!  Carlos and his wife, Gyssella, reside in Peachtree City.  Carlos has a business degree from FAU and is the Director of Business Development for Carplex Environmental Services, a commercial janitorial service.  He enjoys hiking and traveling and is ready to get engaged in the community and to network with his peers.  We are so excited that you have joined us!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna, Sponsor Hernan Dominguez, New Member Carlos and President Amy
February 3, 2024 - Fun morning at the Grand Prix Series - North Fayette Elementary School S'mores Run!  We love supporting all of these elementary schools throughout the year!  Thanks to George Martin, Mandy Timmons, Jim Mothorpe, Hernan Dominguez, Fernando Duenas and Wilder Davis for volunteering!
February 1, 2024 - Thanks for your generosity to the Rotary Foundation, Luci McDuffie!  We are proud to recognize you as a PHF+4!  Your giving allows us to continue #DoingGoodInTheWorld!
Pictured (L-R):  Foundation Director Will, PHF+4 Luci, President Amy
February 1, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Aaron!  We are excited to have you!  Aaron lives in Fayetteville with his wife, Erin.  Aaron is a Business Coach / Consultant for ActionCoach Peachtree.  Aaron graduated from Berry College with a degree in Business Management.  Aaron loves this community and is ready to serve alongside all of us!
Pictured (L-R);  Membership Director Anna, New Member Aaron, Sponsor JD Holmes and President Amy
February 1, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Vic!  Vic is the SVP of Commercial Banking for Wells Fargo.  He lives in Peachtree City with his wife Sara and daughter Sadie.  Vic graduated from Hampden-Sydney College with a degree in Economics.  Vic is a proud resident of PTC and is looking forward to serving our community!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Director and Sponsor Anna Finn, New Member Vic and President Amy
February 1, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Lawton!  We are excited to have you!  Lawton lives in Peachtree City with his wife, Lexi, who is expecting their first child in a few months.  Lawton works with Resolution Technologies as an Account Manager.  Lawton graduated from Georgia College & State University with a degree in marketing.  He is looking forward to getting more involved in the community where he plans to raise his family.
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Director Anna, Sponsor Ryan Peurifoy, New Member Lawton, President Amy
February 1, 2024 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Jack Bernard!  Jack is the chairperson for BOH Fayetteville and lives in Peachtree City.  Jack is a graduate of Georgia State University and holds a certificate in Health Policy from Harvard.  He is a columnist, lobbyist and mentor.  We are excited to have you, Jack!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Director Anna, New Member Jack, Sponsor Frank Kimble, President Amy
January 27, 2024 #wellspringtreasures #endHTnow #thrifting
January is National Human Trafficking Awareness month! As a long time supporter of the initiative to #EndHT, our club was happy to help Wellspring Treasures Peachtree City with a little housekeeping…. This upscale, resale store serves not only as a revenue stream but also to provide our community with opportunities to serve and be part of the solution to restore lives!
Special thanks to all of these Rotarians that showed up to help today!
Pictured (L-R):  Amar Sood, Tim Milis, Amy Leuenberger (who started our club's movement with End HT), Amy Matusek, Mike Lardie, Mandy Timmons, Fernando Duena, Anna Repczynski
January 26, 2024#seniors #legacyridge #puzzlesforseniors
We love supporting our local senior centers! A donation of over 30 puzzles ranging from 300 - 1000 pieces will provide hours of entertainment for the seniors at Legacy Ridge at Peachtree City! Thanks to Sales and Marketing Director (and PTC Rotarian) LeeAnne for helping coordinate and Mandy and Amy for collecting and delivering!
January 26, 2024 - Congratulations, Angelique!  We are so proud of you and your new business here in Peachtree City!  Work It Out Wellness focuses on holistic wellness and are focused on mind & body health.  Thank you for allowing Rotary to be a part of your special day / grand opening by sharing our message as well!  We are looking forward to watching your career and business grow here!
January 25, 2024#FoundationGiving #RotaryFoundation #EREY
Congratulations to US! Thanks to EVERY member for helping us achieve these goals last year - (1) #1 Club in District 6900 (2) 100% Foundation Giving Club wand (3) Every Rotarian Every Year!
Special thanks to PDG George Granade and PDG Raymond Ray for joining us today to present these awards to IPP J.D. Holmes and President Amy Benton!
January 25, 2024#PaulHarrisFellow #RotaryFoundation #PTCRotary #giftthatkeepsongiving
Big thanks to these PTC Rotarians for "Putting their money where their HEARTS are"! Heidi and Tom both reached PHF +3 and Pat reached PHF +4! Your generous contributions are what allow us to continue #D#DoingGoodInTheWorld
Pictured(L-R): Foundation Chair Will Garner, Heidi Becker (PHF+3), Tom Kassin (PHF+3), Pat Murphy (PHF+4) and President Amy Benton
January 25, 2024 - Congratulations, Tise Eyler! At 90 years YOUNG Tise is one of our most senior members and yet also one of our most ACTIVE members! Tise has been in Rotary since 1996 and joined our club in 2020 at 86! Unlike other Rotarians at his age and with his tenure who opt for Rule of 85, Tise jumped right in and got even more involved! He has served on our board as Club Admin and continues to be the chairperson for our Dine Arounds held each month! Thank you for your service as a Retired US Navy Captain and thank you for your service as a Rotarian!
January 20, 2024 - Congratulations to our Firefighter of the Year - Christopher Suescun! Thanks for allowing us to celebrate with you! We appreciate all that you do for our community!
January 20, 2024 - FROSTBITE 5K - what an appropriate name for the race!  At about 19 degrees with wind chill of less than 10, it was truly a frostbite kind of day!  Thanks to these Rotarians for still volunteering their time to support the Grand Prix Series!
Pictured (L-R):  George Martin, Arnold Walworth, Jim Mothorpe, Fernando Duenas, Mandy Timmons, Amy Benton, Fergus Esezobor, Tim Milis, Anna Repczynski, Steve Ivory
January 11, 2024
- exploiting a person through force, fraud or coercion
- anyone under 18 involved in a commercial sex act
- sex trafficking, forced labor, and domestic servitude
- a highly profitable crime
- exploitation based and does not require movement across any borders or any type of transportation
- one of the fastest growing crimes in America
It occurs everywhere - suburbs, cities and rural areas.
It can happen to anyone - regardless of gender, age, race, nationality, immigration status or socioeconomic status.
To report suspected trafficking to law enforcement - call 1-888-347-2423.
To get help if you are a victim - call 1-888-373-3788 or text HELP to 233733 (BEFREE).
Call 911 if someone is in immediate danger.
Thanks to all of these PTC Rotarians for wearing our Rotary Blue on #WearBlueDay to bring awareness to this global crisis!
January 11, 2024 - Thanks to PTC Rotarians Amy Matusek (PHF+6) and Donna Littleton (PHF+4) for their contributions to the Rotary Foundation!  These gifts allow us to continue #DoingGoodInTheWorld!  
Pictured (L-R):  President Amy Benton, Amy Matusek, Donna Littleton and Foundation Chair Will Garner
January 4, 2024 - Thanks to PE Patti for continuing to give to our Rotary Foundation on a regular basis!  She has reached a milestone of Paul Harris Fellow +7!  These funds are generated to allow Rotary to continue with service all around the world!  Funds given to the Foundation are invested and returned back to our district in 3 years to help us provide for local, regional and international support!  These funds allow for our #DoingGoodInTheWorld!
Pictured (L-R):  President-elect Patti Kadkhodaian and President Amy Benton
January 4, 2024 - What a way to start off 2024!  Six (6) NEW Paul Harris Fellows!  What an accomplishment as some of these are new members as well!  We are grateful for the support of our Rotary Foundation and love that we have been able so share its significance to these members to make them want to invest to allow us to continue #DoingGoodInTheWorld!  Thanks to each of these Paul Harris Fellows for supporting our Foundation!
Pictured (L-R):  Ryan Peurifoy, Brett Quarmby, Alexandre Kachin, Kelly Williams, Sue Royappa and Anna Finn
December 30, 2023 - Great experience for President Amy and Secretary Mandy at the Paul and Jean Harris home today in Chicago.   They met Rotarians from the Le Mars Rotary Club - Beth and Ryan Odor and tour guide Fred Otto of the Rotary Club of Chicago-O'Hare!  We love making the connections around the world!  A visit to the home of our founder is highly recommended!
December 11, 2023 - Oh What Fun!  It is always a fun time with our RCC members at their annual Christmas Party!  Thanks for inviting us to join you guys at the bowling alley!
December 9, 2023 - Thanks fellows for handling the Inman Elementary 5K this year - and without the girls to help!!  We were so happy Inman decided to host a race again this year as part of the Rotary Grand Prix Series!  
December 7, 2023 - Thanks for visiting the Rotary Club of Peachtree City, Ed Weber!  Ed is a member of the London Bridge - Lake Havusu City, Arizona Rotary Club.  Ed's club was chartered just a few years after ours in 1970.  Ed brought coins from his club to honor some of our active/retired veterans and our first responders.  He also presented President Amy with one of the 50th commemorative coins from the club.  
London Bridge's coin program was originated to honor the relocation and reconstruction of the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City and provide a fund-raising vehicle for the many charitable and community projects of the London Bridge Rotary Club. The club released the first coin, the "Havasu Dollar,” in October 1971.  A new London Bridge Rotary Commemorative coin was released every October since then and coincided with their annual anniversary celebration dedicating the London Bridge in Lake Havasu City, Arizona. The coin program ended with the release of the 50th edition coin in 2021.  This very successful coin project allowed the London Bridge Rotary Club to contribute close to $2 million dollars to many community charities and projects as well support Rotary International projects throughout the world.
Thank you for recognizing our club and members with one of these very special coins from your club!  What an honor!  Hope to see you again in the future when you are visiting your family in PTC!
December 7, 2023 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Ellie!  We are excited to have you finally join us!  Ellie has partnered with several members in her professional life as the Creative Director at Dirt1x.  She lives in Sharpsburg with her husband, Matt, and has 2 children - Ash and Nathan.  Ellie is a graduate of Calvin University with a BA in Communications / Oral Rhetoric.  Ellie says that some of her favorite people are Rotarians and she wants to network with more like them while giving back to the community.  Welcome!
Pictured (L-R):  Sponsor Kathy Workman, Ellie and President Amy Benton
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