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Extreme Mountaineering
Extreme Mountaineering
December 1, 2023 - What a great way to start out December!   Our club partnered with Fayette Senior Services to purchase gifts for some of our fantastic shut-in seniors here in Peachtree City.  Gifts ranged from simple items like bags of Almond Joy and Socks to book club memberships.  Our members were excited to take these wish lists and do a little bit of shopping to bring some joy into the lives of these recipients!  We all take for granted how blessed we are with close friends and family and this gave us an opportunity to share those blessings with others in our local community that are not as fortunate!  Hope this brings a smile to their faces and a little bit of Christmas joy when they open their gifts!
November 30, 2023 - Congratulations and Thank You, Paige Munk!  Paige continues to give back to those around her each and every day.  We are so thankful that she did as Foundation Chair Will says - "Put your money where your HEART is..."  And she did it in a big way - by not only becoming a Paul Harris Fellow for the first time, but stepping up to PHF+1 at the same time!  Thank you for your giving heart, Paige Munk!  This will allow us to continue #DoingGoodintheWorld!
November 30, 2023 - Congratulations, George Martin!  Well Deserved!  George’s history with Rotary goes long before he joined the Rotary Club of PTC with his initial membership starting in May 1984.  As a member of PTC, he took office for the first time in 2004.  That same year he was recognized as a Will Watt Fellow.
Over the next few years, George served as Secretary, Vice President, President-elect and President.  In 2007, George received Rotarian of the Year for the first time and then again in 2021.  George was the recipient of the Kurt Steiner humanitarian award from the Road Runners of America at their national convention for the work he did in partnership with the PTC running club to start our Grand Prix series.  George has since served as the chair of this project each year since then helping raise over $1.8M.
On top of his leadership in our club, he also held positions at the district level for the Rotary Foundation.  Many members with the number of years in Rotary like George take a step back from the daily active service, but with his generous Rotarian Heart, George continues to serve our club and community!
November 16, 2023 - Thanks to new Major Donors Steven Newton and Cyndi Plunkett!  Your generosity to our Foundation is what allows us to continue #DoingGoodintheWorld!  What an honor to know that both of these members had fathers as Rotarians that passed this love of service down to them!
November 16, 2023 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Brett!  You have already jumped right in with several service projects and social events with us and we are looking forward to expanding that in the future with you and your wife, Brooke!  Thanks for recognizing that Rotary was a fit for you.  Brett is the CEO of Electrical Contacts International, Inc. and has a degree in Plastics Technology, an MBA and is also a Black Belt Six Sigma.  He is a graduate of Cape Technikon in South Africa and Georgia Tech!  We are excited to get to know you better and happy to have you as a new member!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna Finn, Brooke (wife) and Brett Quarmby, Sponsor Ant Murphy and President Amy Benton
November 16, 2023 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Bethany!  We are excited to have you join our membership!  Bethany is a marketing director for Stirling Promotions in Newnan where she lives with her husband, Chris and 5 children - Kaylee, Bella, Hunter, Sylas and Trystan.  Interesting fact is that Bethany is a big fan of Boxing & MMA!  Bethany is interested in being a Rotarian to get more involved in our community and to help serve future generations!  We look forward to working with you Bethany!  
Pictured (L-R):  Membership Chair Anna, Bethany and President Amy
November 16, 2023 - Welcome BACK to PTC Rotary, Frank!  We are so happy to have you and your wife, Becky, become an official part of our Rotary 'family' again in PTC!  After taking a break for a few years during the pandemic, you have had your rest and we expect you to jump right back in as active as you were before!  Thanks for staying in touch with all of us and making the leap to make it 'official' again!
Pictured (L-R):  Membership chair Anna, Frank and President Amy
November 2, 2023 - What an evening of good bourbon, good wine, good beer, good food, good music and GREAT friends!  And an even better night of fundraising for the Rotary Foundation!  It's always fun to dress up for a great cause!
We are so proud of this project! Thanks to our president Amy Timmons Benton for coming up with this idea and working so hard to pull these clubs together with Midwest Food Bank Georgia to coordinate everything! We were even more excited when we were able to see the boxes being distributed to local partners like the The I-58 Mission right here in our community!
Thank you to Rotary District 6900 and Rotary International for supporting these types of projects to allow us to be #PeopleOfAction while providing #ServiceAboveSelf to continue #DoingGoodInTheWorld!
November 9, 2023 - THANK YOU doesn't begin to say enough for this amazing family and how they have given back to Rotary.  Mike Lardie (Community Service Director), his wife Cheryl and son Barry (RCC Member) were recognized for becoming Major Donor Level II.  This represents personal donations of over $25,000 to the Rotary Foundation.  This is such an example for our members and other Rotarians across the world that a family will give of their time and their money to help our great organization continue with #DoingGoodintheWorld!  Thank you for your commitment to Rotary, Lardie Family!  We appreciate you!
November 9, 2023 - Congratulations to Fernando Duenas for being selected to be one of the prestigious "President's Circle" recipients this year from President Amy.  Fernando just became an 'official' Rotarian back in February, but once you spend any time with him and hear about his life, you know he has always been a Rotarian at heart!  Fernando jumped right in after joining and was awarded the Rookie of the Year for his service to the club.  He has already become a Major Donor to the Rotary Foundation and was asked to lead our Coffee Chats for this Rotary year.  Fernando has attended 99.99% of ALL Rotary events - and has quickly become a 'regular' at many of our recurring service projects.  He happily stepped up when asked and will be our Community Service Director for next year.  Although he claims to be lucky to be a Rotarian and part of our club, the 'luck' is all ours.  We were 'lucky' to have his granddaughter Avery join our Rotary Community Corps and introduce her grandfather to all that Rotary has to offer!  Thank you for everything you do, Fernando!  
November 2, 2023 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Bryce Woodring!  Bryce is a private equity operator and general manager for E Dennis A/C, Plumbing & Electrical (one of our Rotary Partners).  He is married to Allie and has 3 children - Anna Cate, Caiden and Cole.  Bryce is a graduate of University of Florida and the American Military University.  With his history of service in the military, he is ready to step into being a resource in our local community!  We are lucky to have you, Bryce!
Pictured (L-R):  President Amy, Bryce and President-elect / Sponsor Patti
November 2, 2023 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Kay Shoaf!  Kay is a long-term resident of Fayette County and is retired from Chick-fil-A and Georgia Pacific.  She has spent many years in administration and space planning roles and has jumped right into service with our club by helping on our BBPP committee and volunteering at Grand Prix races even before becoming a member!  We are looking forward to working with you in the future Kay and are excited to have you as an official member (finally)!  
Pictured:  Kay with President Amy (not pictured:  Kay's sponsor, Cyndi Plunkett)
November 4, 2023 - Great community grant from our club in action!  Thanks to Mike, Fernando, Mandy, Angelique and Sheryl for volunteering at the United Way Fayette Food Giveaway on Saturday.  There were non-perishables, bananas and eggplants along with chicken donated to over 100 families in need.  What a great way to e #PeopleofAction to help our community!
November 4, 2023 - Grand Prix Series #5 - Thanks to these members (Fergus, Steve, George, Mandy, and Fernando) for volunteering for this year's Sara Harp Minter's Turkey Trot 5K!  Big turnout of our PTC Flash kids for this event!  We sure do enjoy helping our elementary schools raise funds through these races!
October 30, 2023 - We dedicated a newly remodeled teen room at Bloom Closet in memory of PTC Rotarian Amy Matthews Fitzgerald. We received a District Grant to help update this room for teens in the foster care program to be able to select new clothing to help bring them a sense of comfort as well as helping provide the foster parents with essentials.  Thank you to all the Rotarians who came out to help with this remodel. We know Amy was a big supporter of this program and she would be so honored to be a part of this newly remodeled teen room!
October 28, 2023 - Grand Prix Series #4 - Thanks to these members (Fernando, George, Mandy, Fergus and Jim) as well as our prospective members (Kay and Hernan) for volunteering for this year's Cleveland Elementary 5K!  We sure do enjoy helping our elementary schools raise funds through these races!
October 24, 2023 #PizzaforPolio #partners #EndPolio #WorldPolioDay #RotaryDineAround #ptcrotary
What a great time as we joined together to raise awareness and funding for #WorldPolioDay! Partners II Pizza, Aberdeen and Braelinn 'partnered' with us as we hosted Dine Around by donating 10% of their net proceeds to our Polio fund for Rotary! This event along with our Foundation Football is estimated to total over $2,500 for Polio by the end of the month! Thanks to this large group (50+) of Rotarians and spouses for supporting our event tonight to help raise awareness!
October 19, 2023 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Parker!  We are so excited to have you join us! Parker lives in Griffin with his wife, Emmalie and their new son Hank (9 months).  He works in IT and Cyber Security with Nocwing.  Parker enjoys playing music, aquariums and white water kayaking.  As Parker grew up locally, he is looking forward to getting more involved and giving back to his local community and having a great impact around the world!  Welcome again, Parker!
Pictured (L-R):  New Member Parker and his sponsor / membserhip chair Anna Finn 
October 21, 2023Challenge Air for Kids & Friends exists to build confidence and self-esteem in children and youth with special needs through the gift of flight.  We are so thankful to volunteer and sponsor this event! This type of program is near to our hearts as we love supporting our special needs adults in our Rotary Community Corps!  Thanks to the crew that showed up (Mandy, Amy, Joel, Mike, Andy, Fernando & Steve) to get the event started, including RCC members Barry and Dustin!
October 19, 2023 - What a great day of recognition for our newest Major Donors - Amy Benton, Fernando Duenas, Steven Newton, Cyndi Plunkett & Mandy Timmons!  These members understand the great work of Rotary and its funding by the Rotary Foundation!  Thanks to PDGs Raymond and George, DGN Steve, D6900 Foundation Chair Anne and AG Janice for attending, celebrating and conducting the recognition ceremony!
October 18, 2023 - Last Packout night to finish up the final 250 Strong Mind & Body Boxes funded by our Collaborative Grant from District 6900!  
October 16, 2023 - Thanks to the Peachtree City Fire Rescue Firefighters from Station 81 B Shift for hosting the monthly meeting for our Rotary Community Corps!  The RCC, sponsored by our club, is made of special needs adults (21 years and older) here in the community who want to serve the community in a capacity they are capable of providing.   Topics covered were fire safety, fire prevention, fire extinguisher use, & stop/drop/roll.  Firefighters demonstrated the use of their equipment, showed the group an ambulance, a fire truck, and the 100’ aerial truck.  They finished the evening with a tour of the fire station and had a firefighter “quick dress” in his fire gear!  It was an incredible evening of education and fun!  Thanks to our amazing PTC Firefighters for supporting this event!
October 15, 2023 - Celebrating our diverse cultures (and National Dessert Day)! What a great event at President Amy’s home! We have 12 nationalities among our members and had 10 of those represented tonight - along with several regions and traditions across the US! From Europe and Asia then to Africa, South America and the Caribbean! So much fun tasting a little bit of ‘home’ for these members tonight! Members shared their recipes and their traditions associated with each before we all dug in to enjoy! Pretty sure there was no need for dinner tonight with over 30 ‘samples’ of desserts to fill us up! Thanks to President Amy and her husband Jeff for always being great hosts and allowing us to visit their beautiful home…
October 12, 2023 - Congratulations and Thanks to these PTC Rotarians for being recognized for their Foundation Giving!
Pictured (L-R):  President Amy, Patti Kadkhodaian (PHF +6), Michael Turner (PHF), Chip Reagan (PHF+2), Holly Davanzo (PHF+2), and Foundation Chair Will
October 12, 2023 - Thanks to these Rotarians from our collaborating clubs for joining us for Pack-Out Night #3!  These Strong Mind and Body Boxes will be distributed in a couple of weeks to our local community!  This has been a great project and so much fun to work with Rotarians from other clubs as well!
October 7, 2023#walktoendalz #alzheimersassociation
More than 6 million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s...  One in three seniors dies with Alzheimer’s or other dementia…  
Alzheimer’s kills more than breast cancer and prostate cancer combined each year…  In 2023, Alzheimer's and other dementias will cost the United States $345 billion. This number is projected to rise to nearly $1 trillion in 2050…

We are a proud sponsor of this event in Peachtree City for over 20 years now! Thanks to all of these members for coming out to support ALZ awareness and research and to promote Rotary! 
Pictured (L-R):  Mike Lardie, Fernando Duenas, LeeAnn Ryan, Mandy Timmons, Fergus Esezobor, Michael Turner, Anna Repcynski, Steve Ivory, Amy Benton (in front) and Harley
October 5, 2023 - Welcome to PTC Rotary, Angelique!  Our club has had the distinct pleasure of watching you 'grow up' with Rotary - from the days of high school attending RYLA and then to becoming a RYLA counselor...  Through your high school and college years and when we saw you become an official Rotarian at Marietta Metro!  We are so excited to have you 'home' again and now a member of our club!  We are proud of all of your accomplishments in your career devoted to mental health awareness and look forward to partnering with you to help drive some of those initiatives in our local community!  
Pictured (L-R):  Proud Parents (Past President) Costas and (Treasurer) Tammy, Anqelique and President Amy 
October 2, 2023 - What a great event to highlight our PTC City Council candidates in a Q&A forum!  Thanks to Rotarian Will Garner for moderating and to all of these Rotarians for volunteering their time for the event!
Pictured (L-R):  Lei Lydle, David O'Rear, Brandon Hannon, Will Garner, Charlie Nelson, Brett Vincent, Theresa Frank, Ryan Peurifoy, Fernando Duenas, Anna Finn, Cyndi Plunkett, Mike Lardie, Tammy Soulakos, LeeAnn Ryan, Jason Aldrich, Ty Harnar, Phil Crane, Ric Thompson
October 1, 2023 - Welcome Lunch for GRSP Student Sail Abbas!  We had a great time learning about his culture and eating some authentic Pakistani / Indian food (along with some American burgers for those less adventurous members)!  He is such a nice young man and we look forward to getting to know him more and learning more about his family and home country over the next year!  Thanks to GRSP Host parents Sam & Donna Chapman for hosting the get together!
September 30, 2023 - Grand Prix Series #2 is in the books!  Great turnout at Kedron Elementary for a beautiful Saturday evening race!   Thanks to Rotarians (L-R) George, Mandy, Amy, Jim, Phil, Fernando, Mike, and (not pictured) Fergus and Ryan for volunteering!  
September 29, 2023 - Oh, the places our members go!  President-elect Patti came across this historical building / marker while traveling through  Vermont.  Inscription reads, “In this brick building, constructed by his great-grandfather in 1818, Paul P. Harris attended school as a youth and received his elementary education. Many years later, Mr. Harris expressed the conviction that it was during his boyhood in Wallingford that he learned the basic ideals which became the cornerstones of Rotary International; destined to become a World-wide service organization. This former schoolhouse is now maintained as a Memorial to Paul P. Harris by Wallingford Rotary.”  How cool to see where our founder got the first years of his education and the ideals of service that led to the creation of our great organization!  
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