April 18, 2024 - What a great opportunity to share about Rotary with our local 2nd graders in Peachtree City!  Thanks to President Amy for finding this opportunity with a sister club in Ohio that designed these books.  Book 1 - Becky & Lin's Apple Orchard Park that tells the story of #ServiceAboveSelf and why doing something for others is so important.  Book 2 - Andy & Elmer's Apple Dumpling Adventure that teaches the Four-Way Test.  We were able to purchase a book for each classroom across the 7 Peachtree City elementary schools and also to share 2 bookmarks with each student in 2nd grade at those schools!  
Thanks to Matt Jackson (Fayette BOE Coordinator, Digital and Media Services) and Kim Herron (Fayette BOE Asst Superintendent of Student Achievement) for joining us today to receive the books for distribution.  Also thanks to our Rotarians that joined us to help promote this great project - Mike Lardie, Patti Kadkhodaian, Amy Benton, Mandy Timmons, Jim Mothorpe and Tammy Soulakos.