Grand Prix Series

The 20th Annual Rotary Elementary School Grand Prix has begun!  We’ve got a great line-up of races for you, representing schools from across the county. We’ve also included some non-Grand Prix events in our schedule.  Although they don’t count for Grand Prix points, we hope you’ll support those races as well.

How to register for the school races

  • For the public schools go to directly to the school’s website by clicking here to go directly to the school directory, or just go to the individual school website.
  • For the private schools same thing but just go to the school website. Each one is a little different but the info is all there. And if you need more info just call or text George Martin at 770-596-9890.

This is going to be another great year in the age group competition so don’t get left behind. Come out early and often with runners and walkers all in the same boat, getting back in shape for the new year!