In our professional lives, many of us are responsible for hiring or training new employees to bring them up to speed as fast as possible!  Why do we think Rotary should be any different?  We introduce people to Rotary and get new members, but then assume that their ‘sponsor’ is doing all of the work to get them up to speed to “All Things Rotary”!  Our Membership Director, Holly Davanzo, has kicked off a new program for our club this year with our “Fireside Gatherings”.  This is a time for old / new / prospective members to come together and share information on ourselves, why we joined Rotary and even more important why we have stayed in Rotary! 
We had a great time tonight (although it was a little warm by the ‘fireside”)!  We had a prospective member in attendance and several Rotarians that have been in the club for 10+ years and just as many that are still ‘new’ as they have been in less than 2 years!  We learned that Jessica is a classical pianist (pretty sure we convinced her to perform at our Christmas party)!  We learned that Tim delivered newspapers as his first job.  Amy prefers college sports over professional.  Holly was a professional ice-skater (and a laminating master).  Patti’s hometown was a suburb outside of Chicago.  Steve gave us a few plyo push-ups!  JD is definitely a ‘night’ person versus a morning person!  Joel is from the south and thus a Coke person versus Pepsi!  Fran’s dream car is a Porsche.  LeAnn’s favorite emoji is a purple heart.  And Mandy’s favorite movie is Top Gun!
Can’t wait to have our next social outing to introduce more prospective members to our Rotarians!