Learning to Read, Simply
Apr 08, 2021 12:00 PM
Rotarian Brenda Erickson - Souns Literacy Program
Learning to Read, Simply

By demonstrating the learning potential of the young child, the Souns early literacy program is revolutionizing the way children are introduced to the symbols of printed language.

Souns places specifically designed and sequenced letters of our phonetic alphabet into the hands of the young child. The hand holds, plays with, and explores the letters. Since each letter is given only one label - the most common sound of that letter - the child slowly builds a base of letter-sound associations for the early stages of reading. Learning becomes incidental, natural - and fun. Souns is about early learning, and the hand is essential to this process.

While highly valuable for typically-developing children, Souns is an especially powerful tool for special needs children with intellectual, physical and/or developmental disabilities for whom reading is often a challenge. Souns has the potential to break the poverty cycle: by helping children of low income families become ready for school, Souns can contribute to leveling the academic playing field.