Contact: Mike Nelson
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Peachtree City
United States of America

January 4th is our annual "Bring One for the Chipper" Christmas Tree Recycling Fundraiser.

This is great chance to impact our community with our annual Tree Recycling plan, alongside the Keep PTC Beautiful Team (led by Al Yougel). The PTC team will mainly be recycling the trees but we can assist with that. Our main mission is to promote our club’s mission by talking to folks in the community recycling trees and using clearly designated Rotary blue buckets to collect donations on behalf of Real Life Center, Midwest Foodbank, Eden Project, Alzheimers Association, etc.

Please wear a visible Rotary jacket, sweatshirt, t shirt or hat and sign up for any of the time slots on the online sign up sheets.  We need coverage at both locations for all hours so please sign up where you can.”

We need 2 people per hour at two locations from 8:30am until 3:30pm.

The locations are: 
Home Depot parking lot by WalMart and the parking lot behind/beside the Kedron Kroger.

Click the "Register or Decline" link below to choose a time slot to serve your community and club (it's only for an hour!)

If you have any problems registering, email me.