June 16, 2022 - #LoveWritingChecks #TwoSparrowsVillage #PTCRotary #ServiceAboveSelf #PeopleofAction
Talk about a heart for service - Jennifer Conforti (fellow Rotarian) had a vision to provide a community that would allow those that are differently-abled to achieve independence. With that vision, Two Sparrows Village was created in partnership with Christian City and under the leadership of Executive Director Jacque Thornton. This vision has now become a home for 4 adults (1 of which is a PTC Rotary Community Corps member)! Our club helped with the actual construction of the facility last year by hanging insulation and providing all of the kitchen equipment. The funds we are able to provide this year is going to purchase KeenlyHealth medical monitoring devices for each resident's rooms at the home to make this an even safer place for these newly independent adults! Thanks to Jennifer and Jacque for their support on this great vision and we look forward to continuing to partner on the next big step!
Pictured (L-R): Secretary Mandy Timmons, Jennifer Conforti, Jacque Thornton and President Adam Glendye