June 23, 2022 - #Lovewritingchecks #midwestfoodbankga #ptcrotary #tendermercies  
Have you ever been volunteered at Midwest Food Bank? If not - stop what you are doing now and register immediately on their calendar! We promise you will come away from an hour of volunteering with a new sense of community and service by giving so little to help so many!  MFB Georgia supplies over $2 million in food supplies to over 250 organizations that support not only our local community but across the state of Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.
Tender Mercies is a program that was designed by dieticians to provide critical nutrition to those with food insecurities. Savory rice and beans are the foundation of the item and they are fortified with protein, essential vitamins and minerals. In 2020, MFB distributed over 11.6 million meals to those in need.  To enable even more volunteer / packaging events at the GA location, Midwest Food Bank will be using this donation from our club to remodel a storage room into a full-time Tender Mercies pack-out room. This will increase their output annually by at least 70%.
We are so proud to have organizations like this in our local community and are proud to partner with them to allow us to continue #DoingGoodintheWorld!
Pictured (L-R): Jeff Carson (MFB Warehouse Manager), Gail Frantz (MFB Operations Manager), Lisa Ivaska (MFB Bookkeeper), Lina Martin (MFB Volunteer Coordinator) and President Adam Glendye